PhD Student in HCI. I like Communism, Feminism(s), Satanism, and FLOSS. I enjoy strength sports, tea, and PHP.

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May 2018


This weather is canny rank like.

Posted at 10:21:05 22 May 2018

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weather newcastle where did summer go

I think the thing that always gets me re Android dev is that whenever I open up Android Studio after ~30 days of not using it, there's a bazillion updates to install and it takes me 30 minutes just to get started properly :-/

Posted at 00:00:00 19 May 2018

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development android platforms productivity

Strangely dehydrated today…

Posted at 10:22:11 18 May 2018

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water dehydrated mysteries

Fucking hell man Israel. #gaza

Posted at 17:47:01 14 May 2018

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gaza palestine israeli crimes

Genuinely loving all these companies sending me emails saying Goodbye because of the #gdpr.

Posted at 16:44:24 14 May 2018

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privacy gdpr

Just found an #opensource Pokémon clone! YESSSS

See y'all in winter

Posted at 19:24:34 09 May 2018

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FLOSS open source pokemon

Just ate the little black crunchy bit at the top/bottom of a banana and now it tasted horrible and I wish that never happened.

Posted at 16:55:08 09 May 2018

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food omnom fruit

Inbox Zero achieved #backtowork

Posted at 11:44:56 09 May 2018

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work holidays emails inbox zero

Spending some time this morning finding out which emails still go to my gmail and changing them to a communications or honeypot account. Once this is done, and I have a CalDav server I can finally delete my Google account permanently.

Posted at 07:18:28 09 May 2018

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google freedom anti google email

Marcus Aurelius is very quickly becoming my bae #stoicism

Posted at 00:00:00 09 May 2018

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Put the laundry out I said. A sunny day will dry it faster I said. Cheers #newcastle

Posted at 17:21:51 08 May 2018

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weather rain newcastle sun

Final day of recovery before back to work tomorrow. Much chores, many laundry

Posted at 09:15:05 08 May 2018

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work laundry chores travel

Never thought I'd be happy about voltages but after two weeks in Canada with their stupid 110 volt kettles I am so happy that I can make a brew without a twenty minute wait

Posted at 09:42:26 07 May 2018

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tea voltage kettles

A modern, scalable, solution to the problem of telling people to Fuck Off

Posted at 02:31:41 03 May 2018

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rest api humour